Revision of Existing Undergraduate Study Programs which do not require UGC Approval

(1) Respective Faculty/Department

•Formulate the proposal according to the USJ prescribed format for revising existing study programs

•Submit the proposal to the Faculty Curriculum Review and Development Committee (CRDC) or similar faculty level committee

•Review the curriculum of the revised degree program

•Propose amendments, if required

•Submit the proposal to the respective Faculty Board

•Review and recommend the proposal of the revised study program

•Submit the proposal to the Centre for Quality Assurance (CQA) of the University

•Review the proposal of the revised study program

•Propose amendments, if required (send back and forth until all the sections of the proposal are complied with the SLQF requirements)

•Submit the proposal to the Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) of the University with observations

•Send the compliance reports to the relevant faculties of study

• Review the curriculum of the revised study program

• Propose amendments, if required

• Recommend for the approval of the University Senate

• Approve the proposal based on the recommendations made by the CRC

• Forward the decision to the University Council for approval

• Approve the decision made by the Senate regarding the revised study program

• Communicate the Senate recommendation and Council decision to the Dean of the respective Faculty