Introduction of New External Study Programs/Revision of Existing External Study Programs which require UGC Approval

(1) Respective Faculty/Department

• Formulate the proposal according to the UGC prescribed format for introducing new/revising existing external study programs

• Submit the nominations for the two external reviewers of the proposed study program to the respective Board of Study (BoS) to obtain approval from the University Senate and the Council

• Submit the proposal to the external reviewers after obtaining the Senate approval with a letter signed by the Dean of the faculty

• Submit the proposal to the respective Board of Study (BoS) which has incorporated the external reviewers’ comments

(2) BoS

(3) Respective Faculty Board

(4) MC of EDECU

(5) CQA

(6) CRC

(7) University Senate

(8) University Council

(9) Respective Faculty/ Department

(10) QAC