Policy on Information

Policy Title – Policy on Information

Policy Number – 10

Functional Area – Administration, Academic, Research

Effective Date –08.11.2018

Approving Authority – The Council, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Administrative Responsibility –

Rationale –

The University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJP) collects, stores and uses a vast amount of information in relation to administration, teaching, learning and research. Certain types of information can be disclosed while certain categories are considered as confidential. With respect to this discretion of information, University needs to have an Information Policy (IP) to:

  1. Use the information stored and collected in the university system.
  2. Employ reasonable and appropriate security and practices to safeguard the information stored in different university systems.
  3. To secure and prevent the release of confidential information to the public or to non-related third parties, unless required by law or other legal proceedings or with permission from the affected party(ies) adhering to the Right to Information Act

Purpose –

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines in the use of information for the interested parties for their decision making purposes in order to maintain the efficiency of the system.

Scope –

All the stakeholders of USJP and the entire society

Policy Statement –

IP contains practices intended to facilitate the creation and dissemination of information pertaining to the university/society


Definitions –

Directory Information: Faculty/staff and student (current and former) directory information is made available through information technology systems. Various systems provide the  name, address, phone number, and the email address of the university members.
The utilization of all directory information is restricted to USJP operations. This information will not be released to non-related third parties. Requests from outside of the USJP for information about employees must be referred to the Vice Chancellor/ Registrar. Requests from outside of USJP for information about students must be referred to the Academic, Student Affairs & Publications division under the Office of the Registrar.

Non-directory Information: Confidential information is defined as non-directory information pertaining to students, alumni, employee records, university financial records, and trade secrets and any other information maintained in a confidential manner according to the university policy or practice. Such confidential information may include, for example, academic records, compensation and other financial information.

University Information: For the purpose of this policy, university information includes directory and non-directory information. Non-directory information is stored in the various students, alumni, financial, human resources and ancillary systems operated by the USJP. This policy is not intended to establish ownership rights for materials or intellectual property produced by students, faculty, staff or other that utilize the University systems.


Titles of related Policies, Procedures, Forms, Guidelines –

Right to Information Act, Intellectual Property Act


Keywords –

USJP, Information Policy, Right to Information Act

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