Policy Title – Policy on Web Content Management

Policy Number – 18

Functional Area – Administration

Effective and Revised Dates – 08.11.2018

Approving Authority – The Council, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Administrative Responsibility – Administrator appointed by the Vice Chancellor/ Dean of the Faculty

Rationale & Purpose –

The websites of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJP), Faculties and the Departments is one of the major sources of information in the present age. The need exists for a policy to ensure that the content that is published on these websites have been reviewed and are highly accurate.

The Web Content Management Policy intends to,

  • Regulate the process of reviewing and approving content to be published on the USJP website, Faculty websites and Department websites of the USJP.
  • Define roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in content management of the website.
  • Describe best practices for creating content to be published in the website.


Scope –


Content Authors

Content Reviewers

Content Approvers


Policy Statement –

Outlines the roles and responsibilities relevant to involved personnel for regulating the content posted on the USJP, Faculty and Department websites, in order to ensure the accuracy and the appropriateness of the content.

Different roles concerning the content management of the website together with their responsibilities are listed below. Please note that the processes of reviewing/ approving new content and modifying/ archiving/ removing content are also described under the relevant role.


Policy Statement –


  • An ‘Administrator’ is appointed by the Vice Chancellor of the USJP for the University website.
  • The Dean of the Faculty will appoint an ‘Administrator’ for the Faculty/Department website.


An ‘Administrator’ should:

  1. Handle technicalities of managing the Faculty website and its content, following instructions from ‘Content Approvers’.
  2. Maintain a record on the ‘Content Author’, ‘Content Reviewer’ and ‘Content Approver’ for all content published in the website.
  3. Treat any login details to the Website as strictly confidential and not share them with any other.


Content Author: ‘Content Authors’ create content that are to be published in the University/Faculty website. A ‘Content Author’ can be any person attached to the USJP. Following creating content, he/she should,

  1. Select a ‘Content Reviewer’ who is best suited to review the particular content.
  2. Get the content reviewed by the ‘Content Reviewer’.
  3. Address review comments to the satisfaction of the ‘Content Reviewer’ and obtain a signed note or an email from the ‘Content Reviewer’ that endorses the content.
  4. Submit content with review comments addressed, to the relevant ‘Content Approver’, as described under ‘Content Approver’.
  5. Improve the content if requested by ‘Content Approvers’ and resubmit for consideration to be published in the website.


Content Reviewer: A ‘Content Reviewer’ can be any Senior Academic of the USJP. He/she should:

  1. Provide comments to the ‘Content Author’ on how to improve the content provided by him/her.
  2. Issue a signed note or an email from his/her official email address, confirming the appropriateness of the content.


Content Approver: A ‘Content Approver’ should either approve or reject the content to be published on the website. In this context, he or she should,

  1. Consider the suitability of the content to be published in the website.
  2. Check whether the content has been reviewed by a ‘Content Reviewer’ and the reviews are addressed to the satisfaction of the relevant ‘Content Reviewer’.
  3. Permit the Administrator to publish the content in the website if the ‘Content Approver’ is satisfied with the content and believes the content should be published in the website.
  1. Inform the ‘Content Author’ to revise content if the content needs improvements. Once the improvements are made satisfactorily and the content is suitable for publication in the website, the ‘Content Approver’ can permit the Administrator to publish the content in the website.
  2. Reject content if it is not suitable to be published in the website.
  3. Permit the Administrator to modify, archive or remove content.
  4. Be able to simultaneously play the roles of ‘Content Author’ and/ or ‘Content Reviewer’, while being the relevant ‘Content Approver’.


‘Content Approvers’ are as follows;

  1. Content for the University website: Vice Chancellor of the University
  2. Content for the Faculty website: Dean of the Faculty of Engineering.
  3. Content for the website of a particular Department of Study in the Faculty: Head of the relevant Department of Study.

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